Nanna and her maritime adventure

The Danish MARPRO office increases their team with the appointment of Nanna Lyck Cerelius as a Senior Recruitment Consultant reporting directly to the Managing Director.


Through its impeccable recruitment process, MARPRO has a foothold in some of the leading companies in the maritime industry. As the maritime industry is in an expansive growth phase, Nanna Lyck Cerelius, who has an extensive background from the maritime industry, has been appointed as a Senior Recruitment Consultant to meet the growing demand.

Nanna is a long-time Marine HR manager, serving 9 years in various roles within marine HR in TORM. However her maritime story doesn’t start there. It’s not that she comes from a family of sailors, but she was the only one who didn’t choose a typical school internship at the local kindergarten or restaurant. An office job was also out of the question for her. Instead, she sailed around the Danish coast in a 3-masted schooner getting a taste of the life of a sailor. Her mind was made up, she was captured by the sea.

The choice of education from now on was based on this experience, from maritime boarding school in Bagenkop to high school in Marstal Navigation school all the way up to finishing her Master Mariner diploma. She fondly remembers her sea time on TORM’s ships and even on the Danish Royal Ship Dannebrog.

Until one day, Nanna decides to stop her sailing career, leave the sea and go to shore. Given her maritime insight, it felt as a natural step to join TORM and their Marine HR department. She was responsible for the company’s seafarers; getting them from A to B, including recruitment, training, rotation planning and coordination.

However, she had more than just a working connection to care about the seafarers or the crew. After all, having spent quite some time at sea, she had been through the same and she knew better than anyone the feeling of standing alone at the quay away from family, friends, and colleagues ashore. Nanna tells she was driven to make a difference for the officers and to establish less distance between the office and the vessel. For her it was a personal “high” when they had confidence in her and became their anchor on land.

After 9 years, Nanna is ready to move to yet another segment of maritime HR and perhaps help those same seafarers to join a land-based position within the maritime Industry. Her motivations to join MARPRO comes down to: “When Jakob, the Managing Director, offered me a job at MARPRO it was at the right time and place in my career and with my drive to make a difference in the maritime industry it was clear that I had a match with MARPRO, – it was not a difficult choice. I see my experience as an advantage when I need to assist both candidates and clients to achieve a good job match”.

It is no surprise that MARPRO sees big potential in Nanna joining MARPRO. Commenting on the appointment, Jakob le Fevre, Managing Director of MARPRO elaborates: “At MARPRO our focus has always been to hire consultants with deep understanding of the maritime industry and Nanna is a perfect match, with her seagoing and shore-based maritime experience.”

MARPRO is proud to have attracted a maritime talent like Nanna and is thrilled to employ her know-how in the business to achieve their 2023 goals. Acting as a Senior Recruitment Consultant, her main responsibilities will be recruitment of new candidates to our customers, establishing new contacts and maintaining customer relationship.

When she is not working Nanna is a mom, with a capital M, taking care of her two daughters. Otherwise, you’ll find her testing new baking or sourdough bread recipes. We welcome Nanna with open arms and wish her the best of luck on this new journey. Please take the time to give her a warm welcome. Get in touch or connect with Nanna here.


MARPRO is a maritime recruitment and consultancy firm, specialising in the recruitment of talent with shipping and maritime experience and global business Partnermatch. The company was established in 2013 and has since developed into the recruitment partner of choice for companies in the shipping and maritime sector world-wide. Are you in need of finding the perfect candidate for your position, please contact MARPRO +45 5370 0995.

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