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One can say that a really good story, almost always begins with “Once upon a time”. Well, then be ready to read a good story. This one is about the largest tourism and excursions company in Denmark, which coincidentally takes place on sea. This is the story of the Canal Tours.

Once upon a time four fine gentlemen had the excellent idea of establishing a harbor cruise in Copenhagen. These four fine gentlemen consisted of a bank manager, a captain, a former vice president and a merchant. At the beginning of last century their intention was to provide a waterbus that connected the artificial land of Christianshavn with Copenhagen, transporting only 12 workers or local people back and forth. Little did they know that by 1930, Canal Tours would offer both Danes and visitors to Copenhagen enjoyable summer tours of the harbor for up to 80 guests at a time.

The popularity of Canal Tours grew significantly in 1948, as the company could then offer guided tours with speakers, where tourists and Danes could enjoy over hundreds of years of graceful historic surroundings and splendid storytelling. Canal Tours have grown ever since, both in number of passengers as well as in boats.

Since then, the Canal Tours has become a must-try for tourists when visiting Copenhagen and an ongoing tradition for Danes coming from every corner of Denmark to enjoy the city. More than half a million guests get acquainted with Copenhagen on a boat tour every year, as it is probably the best and most beautiful way to enjoy the city’s changing but picturesque attractions in an hour.

Today the company enjoys of a beautiful fleet consisting of 17 boats, called after the Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales’ heroes and heroines. Maybe you are lucky to sail on the Tin Soldier, the Clumsy Hans, the Princess and the Pea, the Little Mermaid or even the Hans Christian Andersen.

Canal Tours has grown into one of the largest tours & excursions companies in Denmark and have been acquired by one of the largest sightseeing companies in Europe, Stromma. But it’s no secret that a company’s success is linked to the employees within the organization, in this case they are salespeople, drivers, captains and guides who strive to give every guest memories for life.

MARPRO and Stromma Denmark cooperated for the first time back in May of this year, when MARPRO assisted Stromma in recruiting boat captains for the canal tours in Copenhagen and the boat tours at Lyngby Lake. Four months later, the two companies are cooperating yet again, but this time in search of a Team Manager Captains.

Do you want to work for one of the largest & excursions companies in Denmark, and do you want to give the visitors some ‘Memories for Life’, then read below.

This is for you who:

  • Thrive with versality in your everyday work life
  • Manage with a good overview and have experience from the shipping industry
  • Contribute to maintain Stromma’s position as one of the largest providers of experiences in Europe
  • Deliver good service and unforgettable experiences to the guests
  • Can be responsible for the management of the boat captains and help ensure efficient boat operations

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