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DNV and Gjensidige have launched a digital tool that assesses the maturity in cyber security for companies in Norway. Across all sectors, businesses are waking up to the rapidly emerging cyber threat, but many are struggling to assess and benchmark their own maturity level as a first step to build cyber resilience and put in place measures to better protect themselves. As a result of the tool, an overview of the cyber security maturity level along with relevant documentation and advice on how to increase the level of security is provided.


Norwegian businesses are increasingly experiencing digital security threats. However, for many, it can be difficult to get an overview of their security status, the extent to which you are protected against attacks and how you can increase the security level. When seeking cyber insurance, many businesses can also experience problems obtaining the necessary documentation.

The new tool will assess a company’s robustness against cyber-attacks and provide an overview of the necessary measures to increase information security. The maturity assessment is based on the Norwegian National Security Authority’s (NSM) basic principles for information security. The free tool also provides documentation that can be used when applying for cyber insurance or towards other stakeholders.

“With the launch of the new tool, we hope to contribute to increasing awareness of data security as well as to improving the availability of a standardized and widely recognized maturity assessment,” says Boye Tranum, Director, Cyber Security Services at DNV in Norway.

The cyber maturity assessment will be an important contribution to understanding threats and vulnerabilities and ultimately, the risk of cyber- attacks.

“The tool will also help companies to get the right level of insurance coverage and at the right cost,” says Petter Bøhler, Director, Underwriting at Gjensidige. “By getting a correct assessment of cyber maturity level and evaluation of insurance coverage, this will further help companies prevent damage and will simplify the annual follow-up process for cyber insurance.”

While the scope of the measures will vary, the principles in the maturity assessment are relevant for all types of businesses.

The cyber maturity assessment tool, can be accessed here.

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