MARPRO’s top 10 hot maritime jobs


MARPRO Search & Selection, a global expert in Shipping and Maritime recruitment, specializes in connecting our partners with highly skilled professionals and suitable business associates on a global scale. Our goal is to ensure that potential candidates are perfectly matched with the right career opportunities.

In the whirlwind month of December, MARPRO Recruitment has been buzzing with activity, seizing opportunities, and making significant steps in the world of maritime recruitment. The past month has proven to be a testament to our dedication in connecting talented individuals with talented maritime companies.

MARPRO is thrilled to announce the acquisition of a vast variety of new assignments from valued clients. This surge in demand not only underscores the trust that organizations place in MARPRO but also speaks about the vibrant job market that we navigate through. With each new job assignment, MARPRO reaffirms its position as a reliable partner.

Since 2017, MARPRO has been dedicated to providing maritime and shipping professionals with valuable job prospects, assisting them in advancing their careers within the dynamic maritime and shipping industry.

Navigating today’s job market can be challenging, given the significant impact of geopolitical factors on all facets of the maritime sector.

However, it’s important to note that the maritime industry is constantly evolving and adapting. This evolution has created a consistent demand for talented individuals across various maritime disciplines.

After conducting a comprehensive analysis of our data, we are excited to present MARPRO’s top 10 maritime job opportunities that are currently in high demand.

Our job listings encompass a wide spectrum of roles, including those in sales, sustainability, legal, technical, and operations, across locations around the globe.

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