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Maritime Professionals is one of the most engaging groups on LinkedIn


Did you know there are more than 830 million members on LinkedIn, making it the world’s largest professional network? However, the question is how do you engage with relevant and meaningful connections?

Industry-specific LinkedIn groups are a great source of new leads, a way to form connections related to a specific industry and a chance to learn industry knowledge.

This is the reason why the Maritime Professionals group was created back in 2008 by Jakob le Fevre. Affiliated to the maritime recruitment company MARPRO, Maritime Professionals started to be a maritime portal only broadcasting maritime articles.

Today it’s a whole universe broadcasting the latest maritime news and trends, presenting maritime start-ups and scaleups, connecting employees with employers, and communicating networking events. Due to the vast relevant information shared on weekly basis, the portal is visited by a notable number of maritime professionals worldwide. See:

At present time, the Maritime Professionals LinkedIn group does not only provide maritime news, event invitations and job openings, but also provides a scene for these professionals in the maritime industry to share their insights, ask for advice and build valuable connections.

Once you are group member of Maritime Professionals, you can join maritime related conversations and send a message to one of the other 67,653 group members.

Maritime Professionals is the ultimate community for all parties operating in the maritime industry. The group attracts shipowners, architects, operators, agents, suppliers, shipyards, officers, crew and so on.

The success and the growth of the group is affiliated to the admins’ focus on the group. It is no secret that the admins dedicate quite an effort to understand and create engaging content about the group’s topic and its target group.

The success has been noticed by LinkedIn itself, and the Maritime Professionals group has been selected for an inner circle program that LinkedIn is running for high potential groups on LinkedIn.

As part of the program, LinkedIn will support and equip the group with the resources we need to help our community to further flourish on LinkedIn. We will have access to certain beta features which will boost the group’s content on the LinkedIn feed to increase visibility and drive engagement.

The beta features launched for the group members will be communicated in the group, so group members can make use of them. Please reach out to the admins for any questions about the program.

Meanwhile please help us promote the group Maritime Professionals by sharing this link to other maritime connections.

Best regards,

The Maritime Professionals team.


Article shared by courtesy of Narjiss Ghajour, Marketing Manager at MARPRO, a recruitment company for the maritime industry for onshore personnel. Read more about MARPRO.

Narjiss Ghajour

Editor-in-Chief of Maritime Professionals

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