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On behalf of Subsea Industries in Antwerp, Belgium, MARPRO is looking for relevant companies, to become their agent for the territory of the Russian Federation. Preferably in the Saint Petersburg area.

Subsea Industries NV was founded in 1983 specifically to take care of the design, development, and marketing of what has become an evolving line of underwater hull and propeller cleaning equipment and later, a line of hard hull coating systems.

Of special interest are the lines Ecospeed, Ecoshield, Ecolock, Ecofix and Ecolast. These products are high quality and very specialized and should be of high value to your local market.

What products are to be represented?

Ecospeed is an environmentally safe underwater hull coating system which improves a ship’s performance and provides it with long-term protection. The coating protects the hull for the service life of the ship without need for recoating or major repair and comes with a ten year guarantee.

Ecoshield, was launched for permanent protection against cavitation damage for rudders. Ecoshield is also suitable for bulbous bow, stabilizer fins, thruster nozzles and other underwater ship gear which needs special protection from corrosion. Ecoshield has been tested on rudders since 2002 with extraordinary results. Ships that were experiencing heavy cavitation damage to their rudders, once the glassflake coating was applied, have seen no further cavitation damage erosion for as long as 10 years after application, with no sign that the coating will need replacement during the life of the ship.

Ecolock is an extremely tough and durable coating designed to remain in excellent condition for 10 to 20 years without drydocking, repair or replacement. Ecolock can be cleaned underwater as often as needed to meet the UWILD and weight requirements of FPSOs, drill ships and other offshore vessels. Ecolock is the result of continual R&D on offshore hull coatings since the 1990s.

Ecofix is a superior, tested, and proven filler that is used in combination with Ecoshield. With this product, Subsea Industries offers a full package; Ecofix restores the surface of the rudder or other underwater gear and Ecoshield will protect the area from ever suffering corrosion and cavitation damage again.

Ecolast is UltraViolet (UV) resistant and preserves its color while at the same time offering the corrosion and abrasion protection our coatings are known for. Ecolast is highly resistant against salt, ultraviolet radiation, waves or even ice. Mechanical damage to the coated surface is minimized. This is especially important for (semi-)submerged structures like wind turbines that are located in splash or tidal zones.

Sales channels for Subsea Industries

The target segment for all our activities is Shipping companies, shipbuilders, and naval architects around the world.
Together with our local agent, who will be the principal sales contact in any area, we will target the market in tandem supplying information and a complete product to the client.

Who could benefit from being a Subsea Industries agent?

A company that…

  • has the capability to open a new line of business.
  • has a fully functioning sales organization.
  • understands coating and cleaning solutions.
  • has contacts with the relevant departments in shipping and shipbuilding companies.

What is your job in performing the local Subsea Industries business?

As an agent, your job will be to find and accommodate the relevant buyers/end-users and generate sales leads for our offices in Antwerp in Rotterdam. Initially, we will help your salesforce understand how our application works and how to work with it. This will enable you to acquire the necessary skills to point out the benefits of the application and help you convince the customers.

You should have good contacts with the potential customers, so that your knowledge and reputation will offer good back-up for these new sales activities.

Together with the team from Subsea Industries, you will actively pursue business opportunities through lead generation. We are looking for a partner to stand by us and help us penetrate the market.

Are you interested in the opportunity?

If interested, please apply online by writing an application letter and upload your company brochure. The opportunity is open, as long as it listed on our website.

For any questions, please contact MARPRO on +45 5370 0995.

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