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After a successful listing at Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market Stockholm, Bawat is now ready for further global expansion.

On behalf of Bawat in Hørsholm, Denmark, MARPRO is looking for a relevant company or individual, to become their agent for the territory Germany. Preferably in the Hamburg area.

Bawat is a Danish-owned company that offers a unique green solution for treating ballast water. Ballast water transported by ships must not be discharged into new waters without treatment. The solution is based on using the ship’s waste heat to pasteurize the ballast water. This green technology uses neither chemicals nor additional energy, which makes it unique among the market’s competing solutions. It is IMO and USCG approved and patented.

Bawat has already sold ballast-water installations to several of the world’s leading shipping companies. The market is very attractive, since the world’s collective fleet of ships – large and small, new and old – are now obliged legally to only discharge treated ballast water. Moreover, a unique feature of the technology is that it can be used to great advantage in both ports and shipyards, in container unit based installations.

Bawat delivers BWMS to both the retrofit- and newbuilding market and has a unique market position for the shore-based container unit systems.

Sales channels for Bawat
The target segment for all our activities is shipping companies, shipbuilders, shipyards, and design companies around the world. Together with our local agent, who will be the principal sales contact in any area, we will target the market in tandem supplying information and a complete product to the client.

Who could benefit from being a Bawat agent?

A company or individual that…

  • has the capability to open a new line of business.
  • understands Ballast Water Treatment Systems.
  • has contacts with the relevant departments in shipping and shipbuilding companies.
  • is experienced with B2B solution based sales.

What is your job in performing the local Bawat business?

Your job will be to find and accommodate the relevant buyers/end-users and generate sales leads for our office in Hørsholm. Bawat offers a thorough onboarding process. This will enable you to acquire the necessary skills to point out the benefits of the system and help you convince the customers.

You should have good contacts with the potential customers, so that your knowledge and reputation will offer good back-up for these new sales activities.

Together with the team from Bawat, you will actively pursue business opportunities through lead generation. We are looking for a partner to stand by us and help us penetrate the market.

Are you interested in the opportunity?

If interested, please apply online by writing an application letter and upload your company brochure. The opportunity is open, if it listed on our website.

For any questions, please contact MARPRO on +31 6 5472 5675.

Bawat sales agent

About BAWAT:

The development of an entirely new approach to ballast water management that is simple, flexible, cost-effective, and sustainable led to the founding of Bawat in 2011. Since then, Bawat has built upon its innovative breakthrough to offer targeted, state-of-the art solutions to the maritime industry as this sector adapts to a new environmental framework at sea. Bawat is an engineer-driven company that is rooted in the tradition of Danish maritime innovation. Bawat has a deep maritime insight and expertise and an extensive network in the sector. For these reasons, Bawat is seen as a trusted and professional partner. Read more:


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