It’s never ever too late to change course!

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I suffered from burnout in the past. I was blown away by it because I did not think I could happen to me as I saw myself as a fighter and strong-minded woman. Although I didn’t know it at the time, it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Burnout can happen to everyone under the right circumstances, strong-minded or not. Our subconscious mind works in mysterious ways and if it doesn’t agree with what is happening to you, it simply won’t cooperate. It stops working to get your attention. If its host is not listening after that, it shuts the body down. I think we can say that our subconscious mind has a mind of its own funny enough. In a way, my body knew something was wrong before my own conscious mind did. I was so anxious about the work situation that I developed a skin rash overnight. It was super scary. I knew I had to stop the situation and take action.

The good news is that burnout can be your best friend in many ways too.

If you allow yourself to ask the following questions:

  • What does my body (subconscious mind) want to tell me?
  • What do I not see, want to see or,
  • What is it that I missed about the situation I am in?

Taking full responsibility is the first step toward healing. Stop blaming others. Of course, it might be true that you are bullied, mistreated, or overlooked at work, but you have a choice of how to place the situation in perspective, stop it, or walk away.

Because of my own burnout, my subconscious mind told me enough is enough! See your subconscious mind as a friend, it knows your potential and true worth. With childhood trauma, bullies, ego-centric teachers, and toxic work cultures we have forgotten ourselves and our true worth. But the beauty is your subconscious mind never stopped believing in you.

Thanks to my experiences with burnout, I was brave enough to change course and start my own business. It taught me to start believing in myself more, it told me to stand up for myself, set boundaries and be braver, and love myself because I was worth it.  It was the greatest gift I could ever have been given.

As a Transformational Career Coach, I speak to many people who have had similar experiences and now thrive as never before. But don’t wait for burnout to change your life and direction. Learn the early signs and know it’s never too late to change course. If you are unhappy with your situation, be brave and change direction. I am fully supportive and 100% behind you.

This blog of the week is shared by courtesy of Tineke Zoet – – She is a certified Transformational Coach, and love to help professionals to navigate toxic work environments to overcome self-doubt and anxiety.

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