How artificial intelligence and ultrasound are revolutionising antifouling.

Biofouling is one of the main cost drivers in shipping. Preventive measures, cleaning and increasing fuel consumption devour vast sums of capital. The solution: ultrasonic antifouling.


HASYTEC is a specialist when it comes to ultrasonic antifouling. Developed and produced in Germany, the system is used on over 350 vessels worldwide. Their niche areas such as propeller, seawater cooling system, bow thruster and freshwater generator, are kept clean.

The next big step is the integration of artificial intelligence. To make this possible, the entire system has been revised. In the process, the system was not simply given more power.

Co-founder Jan Kelling sums up: “Our goal was to develop an independently working system that can measure environmental factors autonomously and take them into account appropriately. This enables an optimal generation from frequency and power and thus an optimal end result.”

The official presentation will take place at this year’s Europort in Rotterdam. HASYTEC will be exhibiting in Hall 4 / Booth 4211.

Jan Kelling will also be presenting at the Innovation Stage on Thursday 04.11. Topic: Ultrasound Antifouling – past | present | future

Find HASYTEC at booth 4211


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