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GT Green Technologies a Rising Star at Europort 2023

Discover the latest in maritime technology at Europort Exhibition 2023 in Rotterdam, taking place from November 7th to 10th. Don't miss the chance to explore the second edition of the Rising Stars Pavilion, showcasing 21 innovative maritime startups worldwide. One standout participant in the 2023 Rising Stars is GT Green Technologies, a startup tackling a significant industry challenge with its distinctive solution. Dive into an exclusive interview for a comprehensive look at GT Green Technologies and its pioneering innovations.


This week, we’re shining the spotlight on another Rising Star: GT Green Technologies. Read along as we get to know GT Green Technologies and their exciting journey as they revolutionize the commercial shipping industry through game-changing wind propulsion solutions.

As the rules for sustainable shipping get stricter, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) member states got on board with a revamped GHG reduction strategy as of July 7th. This strategy sets a bold course, targeting net-zero emissions from international shipping by around 2050 on a life-cycle basis and aiming to cut emissions by 20%-30% by 2030. Now, here’s the exciting part: wind propulsion technology (WPT) steps into the spotlight as a key pathway for the maritime sector to hit these ambitious regulatory goals. It’s not just about ticking boxes; it brings in cool economic and environmental perks too.

In the forefront of this transformative wave is GT Green Technologies, specializing in custom turn-key engineering. Their mission?  To significantly cut fuel consumption and curb greenhouse gas emissions for both existing and newly constructed vessels.

Their dedicated team, alongside formidable partners, ensures a seamless process—from conceptualization and design to obtaining class approval, installation, and final commissioning.

In this interview, we aim to provide a comprehensive dive into the engineered technology of GT Green Technologies, highlighting the unique value propositions that distinguish them in the market. Join us as we explore the specifics of their innovations!

1.What is the idea behind your start-up?

At GT Green Technologies, we aim to revolutionise the commercial shipping industry through our cutting-edge wind propulsion system, AirWing™. This patented technology significantly reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible maritime sector.

2. Could you describe the core products or services your start-up offers to the maritime industry?

GT Green Technologies offers the maritime industry a revolutionary solution to the pressing need for sustainable and environmentally responsible shipping – AirWing™. This patented wind propulsion technology is designed to seamlessly integrate wind power alongside traditional propulsion methods, significantly reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions in commercial shipping. AirWing™ is particularly well-suited for vessels with cluttered deck layouts, making it a practical and highly efficient solution. It promises shipowners substantial cost savings and emissions reductions, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible maritime sector.

3. What is your start-up’s mission and vision in the maritime industry?

At GT Green Technologies, our mission in the maritime industry is to revolutionise ship propulsion by offering innovative wind propulsion solutions that enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Our commitment to environmental responsibility, innovation, and sustainability drives us to provide practical and highly efficient technology that seamlessly integrates wind power with traditional propulsion methods on a range of different vessels. This not only leads to substantial cost savings and emissions reductions but also aligns with international environmental standards.

Our vision is to lead the way towards a greener and more sustainable maritime industry. We see a future where shipowners can achieve substantial emissions reductions and cost savings while operating vessels that are environmentally responsible. We are committed to building strong, lasting relationships with our clients, based on values of integrity, innovation, and environmental responsibility. GT Green Technologies is dedicated to promoting wind propulsion as a key technology in the maritime sector’s journey towards Net Zero.

4. How does your company differentiate itself from competitors in the maritime industry?

GT Green Technologies sets itself apart from competitors in the maritime industry through a combination of innovative technology, a strong commitment to delivering tailored solutions and building lasting relationships.

Our cutting-edge AirFlow technology optimises airflow dynamics by strategically manipulating air movement within the device. This novel approach enhances flow attachment and maximises lift, ultimately providing AirWing™ with the highest thrust output for a given stowed deck footprint. This innovative advantage makes AirWing™ particularly well-suited for vessels with cluttered deck layouts.

GT Green Technologies understand that each vessel is unique. We collaborate closely with shipowners to customise AirWing™ to their specific needs. This commitment to individualised solutions sets us apart, making us a flexible and trustworthy partner.

GT Green Technologies is committed to ensuring your wind propulsion system operates at its best. We are establishing global distribution centres, to ensure timely support and supply of critical spare parts, strengthening our commitment to lasting relationships.

5. Can you share any success stories or notable achievements your start-up has had so far in the maritime industry?

GT Green Technologies has achieved several significant milestones and notable achievements in the maritime industry:

  • Approval in Principle (AiP): GT Green Technologies has reached the milestone of securing AiP from Bureau Veritas (BV) a few days ago. This accomplishment underscores compliance with industry standards.
  • Upcoming Installation: The first installation of AirWing™ on a 130-metre vessel is scheduled for the second half of 2024, marking a critical step towards commercial deployment.
  • Growing Interest: With ongoing talks and substantial interest from vessel owners, GT Green Technologies is filling its order book, underscoring its commitment to providing practical and highly efficient wind propulsion solutions.
  • AirWing20TM Design Advancement: Advancing the detailed design of AirWing™, our modular approach ensures efficient scalability, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for a wide range of vessels.
  • Maritime UK Awards 2023: GT Green Technologies has won the prestigious Maritime UK Startup of the year 2023. This achievement recognizes the company’s innovative technology in the maritime startup landscape.


    Visit GT Green Technologies at the Rising Stars Pavilion (Hall 4 – 4334)
    Learn more about GT Green Technologies
    For more information about the Rising Stars, click here.


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