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Green power in Denmark

50 percent of vessels ordered can sail on green fuel


Shipyards are about to deliver 51 new vessels to Danish shipping companies. 25 of them can sail on green fuels according to a new analysis from Danish Shipping.

A year-long decline in Danish shipping companies’ orders for new vessels has turned into an increase this year.

Right now, there is total of orders for 51 new vessels from Danish shipping companies, compared to 44 last year. For the first time since 2015, the number of Danish orders has increased according to a new analysis from Danish Shipping.

At the same time, a large number of the ordered vessels provides the option to sail on green fuels. Of the 51 orders, 25 vessels are compatible with new green fuels, and this is very good news for Danish Shipping.

“It shows that the shipping companies are aware of their responsibilities. And it clearly shows that the Danish shipping companies do more than just talk about the green transition. They are leading the way and are now launching vessels that are prerequisite for the green transition of shipping towards 2050,”, says Maria Skipper Schwenn, Executive Director of Climate, Environment and Security at Danish Shipping.

Since the financial crisis in 2009, the number of Danish shipping companies’ orders of new vessels has declined. In 2021, the number of orders was record low with only 44 new orders, but in 2022 we are at the same level as in 2020.

The offshore shipping company, ESVAGT in Esbjerg is one of the shipping companies waiting for the delivery of a new green vessel.

They have ordered the world’s first green Offshore Service Vessel which will service offshore wind farms with wind turbine technicians and spare parts.

“It’s a bit like completing the full green cycle when we can both contribute to the development of green energy in Denmark and buy new green fuels. It was natural for us to invest in a green vessel as so much of our business is about supporting the green transition,” says CEO of ESVAGT, Peter Lytzen.

When looking at the global number of orders, the number of placed orders right now corresponds to 10 percent of the current world fleet. In 2009, the global order book peaked with orders for new vessels corresponding to 52 percent of the global fleet at that time.

Danish Shipping has a strategic objective that in 2030 at least five percent of Danish operated vessels must sail on green fuels.

This article is shared by courtesy of Danish Shipping

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