Google and Weathernews develop Google Nowcast

Weathernews co-develops cutting-edge AI-powered weather forecasting technology "Google Nowcast" with Google


Weathernews Inc. has co-developed with Google the “Google Nowcast” weather forecasting technology utilizing Google’s AI. Starting in July 2024, rainfall predictions will be displayed in five-minute increments up to 12 hours in advance on weather search results.

The company’s proprietary rainfall amount analysis data was utilized to develop the rainfall prediction, reflecting observation data from approximately 13,000 locations and weather reports contributed by users of the “Weathernews” app.

By training Google’s AI prediction model (MetNet-3) with past analyzed rainfall data and analyzed rainfall data in timely five-minute intervals from Weathernews, highly accurate forecasts have been made possible.

An image of the “Google Nowcast” to be displayed on Google search result pages. The center of the screen shows the five-minute rainfall prediction developed through this collaboration.


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Narjiss Ghajour

Editor-in-Chief of Maritime Professionals
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