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Blog of the week by Henrik O. Madsen, Chairman of the DSNAME (Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) Foundation


Temperature records, severe weather, melting ice. The list of unfortunate climate records broken the last couple of months is unfortunately long. It is therefore about time that the shipping industry goes from talking to action on decarbonization. It’s also important to recognize that our industry plays an important role in the whole transition towards net zero. This is not just switching to green fuels, and thereby removing 3% of global GHG emissions.

The maritime competence base in our industry is essential in for example the offshore wind industry, but also in sectors like floating energy barges which can play a vital role in the energy transition of many developing nations. When it comes to transport of ammonia and methanol for example – this cannot take place without a global infrastructure where shipping will be the backbone. And last but not least – projections from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projects capture, transport and storage of 6 gigaton of CO2 annually by 2050. And a transport of this magnitude must include a significant contributions from shipping.

So – in short – there is a lot of work to do for our industry, and the next years will – albeit on a sad background – be very interesting, and many opportunities lies ahead for the innovative Danish companies. I am therefore very excited about the program for the fall of 2023 in Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering. We will cover several topics directly related to the green transition. We will also honour our good industry colleague, “Hans Otto” with a special event, where he will share his insights from more than 40 years with a focus on maritime technology – this is going to be very interesting.

Is your company a contributor, then thanks for your good support. Are you not yet contributing, then I recommend you join immediately and support our work in delivering free maritime technology events and our work for supporting students.

I would like to extend a special appreciation of our main contributors during many years: ABS, Danish Shipping, DFDS, DNV, Karstensens Skibsværft, Lloyd’s Register, MAN Energy Solutions, Maskinmestrenes Forening, OSK Design and The Danish Maritime Authority.

We have the pleasure of adding 3 new main contributors to the list this year, namely: AscenzMarorka, MAERSK and MARPRO. A warm welcome and thanks for your support.

Finally, a reminder from me – if you are a student within the areas of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, I recommend that you consider applying the foundation, DSNAME, for support to your projects, thesis, study trip or similar. You can find more information on our homepage.

I look forward to meeting many of you at our events.

This article is shared by courtesy of the DSNAME Foundation (The Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Foundation).

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