From a military to a civilian lifestyle

The maritime management and technical consultancy Green Shift Groups is committed to helping Danish veterans in their transition from a military to a civilian lifestyle through… consultancy job offers in a global maritime environment.


On May 30th Green Shift Group represented by Managing Director Ulrik Sorensen and Sales Director Mikkel Elsborg received the InterForce Shield at a shield ceremony in Kommandantgården at the Citadel in recognition of the InterForce Danmark membership and Ambassadorship.

The ceremony was held at the Monument for Denmark’s International Effort Since 1948 with the eternal flame commemorating the currently deployed personnel in areas of conflict and natural disasters. The main area of the monument is the memorial of the Danish service personnel that have fallen in one of the many Danish International missions since 1948.









Mikkel Elsborg is grateful for the honor:

“My time in the defense has shaped me as a person so it was a special honor to receive the InterForce shield to officially be a part of a great cause.”

Managing Director of Green Shift Group, Ulrik Sørensen, joins:

“Since founding Green Shift Group it has been a long-term goal to support the Danish veterans and their transition to civilian or reserve through training, certification, and deployment in Offshore Energy or Maritime job functions. Joining Interforce is in direct extension of that goal.”

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