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Freedom in US ports

Bawat, Green Swan Partners and Monstrant Viam announce the formation of a new joint venture, Freedom Ballast, to provide ballast water reception services in US ports


BAWAT A/S (a Denmark based ballast water technology and systems provider), Green Swan Partners, LLC (a Pittsburgh, PA USA based venture builder), and Monstrant Viam, LLC (a Halletsville, TX based ballast water reception company) announced the formation of a Joint Venture, Freedom Ballast, LLC (Freedom) based in Pittsburgh, PA. Freedom will deploy port-side ballast water reception services in the U.S.

Freedom will be the exclusive U.S. provider of ballast water reception facilities that utilize Bawat’s unique, patented, Coast Guard-approved ballast water treatment system based on the principle of pasteurization. It will integrate the Bawat technology along with other key equipment and systems that provide ballast water treatment-as-a-service (TaaS) to ships and vessels in various ports. Deployment will start in the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana, where an operating permit is pending.

“The Ballast Water Management Convention sponsored by the IMO is an international treaty established in 2004 that requires signatory flag states to ensure that ships comply with standards and procedures for the management and control of ships’ ballast water in order to stop the spread of invasive aquatic species,” said Marcus Hummer, CEO of BAWAT. “Bawat’s unique technology allows Freedom to treat vessel ballast water fast and efficiently from shore side facilities, irrespective of the water quality. This enables vessel owners and operators with an alternative to installing ballast water treatment on the vessel.”

Furthermore, Bill Burroughs, CEO of Monstrant Viam stated: “Not all vessel owners will choose to install and operate ballast water treatment systems on board. Amongst those that do, the systems may not be in compliance as evidenced by a recent study showing as many as 30%-50% of onboard systems go out of compliance within 6 months. The U.S. is leading the world in enforcing ballast water discharge requirements. In particular, the lower Mississippi river region in Louisiana with its high traffic corridor has created the potential for high demand for these services. We are being approached for this service even before being fully deployed.”

“Ocean sustainability and preserving the delicate ecosystem around ports and waterways is critical. We want to provide the opportunity for all ship and vessel owners to not only meet a legally-required discharge mandate, but also gain business efficiencies as a result of not needing to carry and maintain on board ballast water solutions.” said Chetan Chothani, CEO of Green Swan Partners.

Freedom is already in discussions with additional U.S. ports for deployment of ballast water reception services. These will be announced soon.


This article is shared by courtesy of below companies:

About Green Swan Partners, LLC: Green Swan Partners (GSP), established in 2020, is a
venture builder focused on generating wealth and planetary health. GSP invests its time, talent,
and capital in ventures that meet a critical industry need while making a positive impact on the
environment. GSP takes equity positions in these ventures and builds long-term shareholder

About BAWAT, A/S: BAWAT A/S has a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, approach to
ballast water management. It utilizes onboard waste heat to treat ballast water. Founded in
2011, Bawat now offers three types of ballast water solutions to the maritime industry: a ship
ballast water management system (BWMS), a mobile containerized BWMS, and an offshore
BWMS. Bawat is rooted in the tradition of Danish maritime innovation.

About Monstrant Viam, LLC: Monstrant Viam, LLC was founded in 2021 to develop ballast
water reception and treatment as a service for U.S. ports. The aim is to protect the world’s
precious water resources by providing sustainable ballast water reception and treatment for
the marine transportation industry by optimizing energy costs and eliminating wasted
resources. The company motto is built into the name – Monstrant Viam (“show the way”)

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