Flower Turbines a Rising Star at Europort 2023

Explore the forefront of maritime technology at Europort Exhibition 2023 in Rotterdam, running from November 7th to 10th. Don't miss the chance to delve into the second edition of the Rising Stars Pavilion, featuring 21 innovative maritime startups from around the world. One notable participant in the 2023 Rising Stars lineup is Flower Turbines, a startup that has crafted flower-shaped wind turbines to harness and convert wind energy into renewable electricity. Immerse yourself in an exclusive interview to gain a comprehensive understanding of Flower Turbines.


This week, the spotlight is on another Rising Star: Flower Turbines. Read along as we get to know Flower Turbines and their exciting journey as they revolutionize the maritime industry through game-changing wind turbines solutions.

Flower Turbines has set itself apart by reimagining traditional wind turbine designs. Instead of the conventional three-blade structure, the company has ingeniously crafted turbines in the shape of flowers. This not only adds a touch of beauty to the landscape but also enhances the efficiency of energy capture.

These flower-shaped turbines are designed to covertly harness the energy contained in the wind, offering a more sustainable and visually appealing alternative to traditional wind energy solutions. By embracing biomimicry and drawing inspiration from nature, Flower Turbines aims to make a positive impact on both energy production and environmental aesthetics.

To gain deeper insights into Flower Turbines and its pioneering innovations, this interview will provide a comprehensive look at Flower Turbines’ journey, challenges, and the vision driving its commitment to transforming the renewable energy landscape.

  • What is the idea behind your start-up?

The idea behind Flower Turbines is to solve all the problems keeping small wind turbines from being a renewable energy force equivalent to solar. Flower Turbines has created turbines that enable simultaneous noiselessness and efficiency, low starting speed and high endurance speed, bird friendliness, a beautiful design, and the ability to cluster the turbines in such a way that they make their neighbours perform better.

  • Could you describe the core products or services your start-up offers to the maritime industry?

Flower Turbines offers turbines in a beautiful Tulip shape with blades 1 meter, 2 meters, and 5 meters high, and a modular aluminum blade variant up to 6 meters high. All of them have a bouquet (or “cluster”) effect. Flower Turbines also makes solar, wind, and on-grid charging stations for phones and small mobility. It also makes rooftop installation mounts for wind and solar.

  • What is your start-up’s mission and vision in the maritime industry?

To provide power for buildings and activities around the port. Ports are usually windy and crowded areas, and Flower Turbines, because they can be clustered, can make better use of space than solar. They can provide cleaner energy for docked ships than their fuel. The charging stations enable port employees to bicycle to work and easily recharge their bicycles and phones.

  • What specific problem or pain point does your start-up address in the maritime industry?

It provides local clean energy cost-effectively. Flower Turbines addresses many pain points: survival during hurricanes, use of dirty and expensive diesel fuel, the cost of grid electricity, etc. Because they can be clustered, they also address the problem of maximizing energy production from limited spaces.

  • What are your long-term goals and vision for your start-up within the maritime industry?

We plan to provide onshore and portable offshore energy packages from wind energy. We aim to provide a meaningful portion of the energy needs of ports around the world. Flower Turbines would also like to provide easily installable locations for partial or full recharging of electric vehicles of all types coming to the port.

Flower Turbines is set to shine at Europort 2023, bringing innovation, sustainability, and beauty together in the form of its flower-shaped wind turbines. As the world seeks more eco-friendly solutions, Flower Turbines stands as a beacon of creativity and efficiency in the maritime technology landscape. Attendees of Europort 2023 can look forward to experiencing firsthand Flower Turbines as one of the Rising Stars.


Visit Flower Turbines at the Rising Stars Pavilion (Hall 4 – 4333)

Learn more about Flower Turbines

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