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Diversity Study Group launches DEI Maritime Masterclass Series. First masterclass to help maritime professionals deliver on their DEI ambitions.


Diversity Study Group, the leading consulting, training, benchmarking, and networking organisation on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in maritime, has unveiled its new DEI Maritime Masterclass Series, as well as details of its first masterclass on how maritime professionals can realise their DEI ambitions.

Founded in 2018, the Diversity Study Group supports the global maritime industry in making relevant, useful, and sustainable progress on DEI, both shoreside and at sea.

As DEI rises up the ranks of corporate priorities in the maritime industry, for many organisations keen to embrace the benefits of DEI, the question becomes ‘how’? The DEI Maritime Masterclass Series from the Diversity Study Group aims to meet this need for more in-depth, specialist and impactful coaching and guidance for those responsible for turning good intentions into meaningful DEI action.

This first masterclass in the series will take place on 8th June 2023 and will focus on a number of important questions for delegates, including not only why DEI matters to their organisation as a whole, but also why it is important to each person’s area of responsibility, the value that DEI can add, and the steps to take to reach that point. In addition, at a time of competing priorities for every maritime organisation, the masterclass will explore how best to make DEI stick as a long-term, sustained commitment.

The masterclass will be followed by a one-to-one executive coaching session for each delegate, focusing on how they put the lessons of the masterclass into practice, what has worked well for them and the challenges they face.

Heidi Heseltine, Founder of the Diversity Study Group, said: “The Diversity Study Group is continually looking at how we can support the maritime industry and those working within it to take advantage of global DEI best practice, whilst ensuring actions related to DEI are bespoke to individual needs and reflect the realities of the maritime world. To succeed, we also need to equip our people with the tools they need to deliver on DEI. That is the purpose of our DEI Maritime Masterclass Series.

“Our first Masterclass, ‘How to deliver on your DEI ambitions’, will be an interactive learning journey. Our team will draw on their experience of working with organisations across a variety of sectors, including maritime, finance, legal and high-performance sport, in order to share insights in designing and implementing DEI strategies from beyond maritime.

At the end of the first masterclass, participants will have:

  • Developed compelling and customised messages about why DEI is relevant to their business
  • Gained clarity about the key issues affecting the implementation of DEI in the workplace
  • Deepened understanding about the current status of DEI in their business
  • Used a systemic approach to identify the DEI priorities that will move them forward
  • Gained insights from within and beyond maritime to understand the real DEI gamechangers
  • Identified practical next steps to take back to the business.

The first masterclass on ‘How to deliver on your DEI ambitions’ will be held virtually on 8th June 2023, followed by a one-to-one Executive Coaching session for all attendees to review progress. It is designed for those responsible for ensuring that DEI has a tangible impact on their organisation.

For more information on the first masterclass, including details on the programme and costs, please contact

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