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The Vereniging van Waterbouwers is the employers’ and entrepreneurs’ organization for contractors and service providers in the dredging industry. The association has ca. 90 members who are active both nationally as well as internationally. They represent the interests of these members and continuously work on a vital sector. They do this by representing and lobbying for the sector, sharing knowledge and organizing activities. But above all, they bring the beautiful profession of dredging to the attention of a wide audience.

Who are they 

The Vereniging van Waterbouwers is the figurehead of Dutch Dredgers: a sector with a great past and a valuable future for society. The hydraulic engineering sector is a culture of doers, with a passion for their profession and with an eye for major social challenges.

The association is there for all members. From small to large. From builders to service providers. With all their different expertise and with one similarity and passion: to contribute to the quality of life and safety of the Dutch delta. Because as a member of the association you have more influence and impact than as a dredger alone.

The Vereniging van Waterbouwers consists of a board and a bureau, which jointly act professionally and decisively and possess deep hydraulic engineering expertise. Together with the board, the bureau organizes and coordinates the interests of the Dutch dredging sector. The members are given solicited and unsolicited advice on current and future developments.

Their goals

The association is there for Dredging professionals in the Netherlands, but also has an eye for European and global developments. A strong and vital dredging sector is important for the members as well as the society. The sector remains strong and vital by striving for the right preconditions and a healthy playing field, while also keeping an eye on the right market relationships and workable legislation and regulations. The association wants to enable its members to practice their profession and help them adapt to changes.

What they do

Uniting is in their DNA. The association is there for its members and remains close to the members. The association does its work together with its members. This allows the association to combine different expertise and interests. It is precisely this diversity of members that makes our association so effective. The association has an initiating, facilitating, and service-providing role, depending on the needs of the members and the developments that are identified.

Knowledge is shared and the members are included in new (inter)national laws and regulations. The association prepares its members for future developments. Trends are interpreted and developments and information translated into knowledge. This knowledge is bundled in clear files and disseminated and elaborated with our members. The association lobbies and has influence, in Dutch politics, at official level and with clients. At the European level, lobbying takes place through European umbrella organizations at political, official level and relevant stakeholders. The association offers its members the network and access to it. The association speaks on behalf of most of the industry and no other body has been able to build such a position. Learn more: www.waterbouwers.nl

Vereniging van Waterbouwer


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