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Who is Value Maritime

Since 2017, Value Maritime’s unique technology has been helping shipowners and operators to achieve valuable emission reductions and financial savings. Their goal is to make the maritime industry more sustainable by developing valuable technological solutions that economically combat shipping emissions.

Value Maritime Filtree System

Value Maritime is a young innovation-driven team of experienced engineers and financial experts who understand shipping and the need for new, simple, sustainable solutions that make commercial and financial sense. We have developed “Filtree”, a unique system that cleans both air and water from all ship types and includes an integrated carbon capture feature making today’s fleet (newbuild or retrofit) sustainable today and future proof for tomorrow.

Filtering with a green and financial dividend!

Various parties in the shipping industry are working on a solution to make shipping as environmentally friendly as possible, Value Maritime offers that solution with the Filtree System and CO₂ Capture and Storage capabilities!

The Filtree System has been developed for small and medium-sized ships on the basis of a new unique technology that, in addition to sulfur, also filters ultra-fine particulate matter (ultra fine dust) and CO₂ from the air. The system ensures that the PH value of the washing water used is neutralized and contributes to reducing the acidification of the seawater. Wash water filtration is integrated in the Filtree System, but Value Maritime also offers ship owners the option of installing our wash water filtration technique on the scrubbers already in use in order to remove oil residues and fine dust particles from the wash water and store the collected residues in the sludge tank to deliver and process on land.

The Filtree System and CO₂ Capture and Storage solution is a plug-and-play concept and consists of standard modules and materials. This means a quick installation and few modifications to the ship. The modules can later be exchanged and installed on other ships, making it suitable for older ships as well. The performance of the system is continuously monitored and controlled online and where necessary the measurement data can be shared with other parties such as ports and customers. Their specialists supervise the entire process, give advice, supply the necessary material, the engineering and everything is installed professionally. They also check the system after installation, adjustments can be made remotely and of course we are ready for maintenance and service. At a time when the shipping industry has been hit hard and ship owners have to postpone the potential investment, we have developed financial solutions that do not prevent shipowners from making a significant contribution to reducing air pollution and acidifying seawater. Learn more.


Meet the Value Maritime Team

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