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MiWire provides internet wherever you are and by utilizing the existing telco network, their solution is very cost effective. MiWire provides internet where others give up!

MiWire also provides internet at sea in form of SeaWire – a fast, stable and cost-efficient internet connection at the edge of the mobile network coverage.

SeaWire presents its solution for high-speed connectivity at low prices in coastal areas to the Commercial Maritime. Connectivity offshore is no longer Nice-To-Have but Need-To-Have to ensure an efficient fleet operation and crewmember wellbeing.

The SeaWire product line is prepared to meet your needs in a simple and reliable way. Take advantage of the simplicity that SeaWire provides and forget about outages and low dataspeed.

SeaWire brings high-speed LTE connectivity to the maritime industry to meet the growing demand for more bandwidth. The SeaWire product line is based on the RouDem FWA terminal. The RouDem integrates an auto rotating high-gain directional antenna and a built-in modem to avoid loss in cables. Additionally the RouDem has an integrated WiFi router and battery giving over 8 hours of operation for critical situations. All hardware is embedded in an IPX6 hermetically closed case, and all the internal components are industrial grade to withstand operational temperatures -20°C ~ +80°C. The SeaWire models are Plug-N-Play solutions and will automatically point the antenna in the direction of the best operator tower. The directional antenna is augmented with an omnidirectional antenna that enable continuos internet connection whilst shifting between operator towers.


See all their product line: https://seawire.net/products/




All SeaWire models are equipped with auto-rotating, directional, high gain antennas to ensure high speed internet at the edge of the mobile network coverage.



Via an advanced algorithm SeaWire scan for the best operator towers to ensure the best possible data speed.



SeaWire devices are highly professional however they are very easy to use. Do not require any special configuratiton or advanced mounting principles.


Read more: https://seawire.net/



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