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Company Description


H F Jensen has developed and manufactured sensors since 1972. Today our product range includes transducers for:
  • Pressure
  • Differential pressure
  • Displacement
  • Level
  • … and the associated signal conditioners


HF Jensen was founded by Hans Frederik Jensen more than 100 years ago as a machine-tool shop. Growing out of this mechanical experience, the sensor division was started more than 45 years ago by the third generation in this family owned company.


With our 2,000 square meter facility located just north of Copenhagen, H F Jensen develops and manufactures transducers and transmitters for displacement, pressure, differential pressure and level measurements.


All machine work is done using high-grade materials on modern CNC machinery to achieve high accuracy and greater flexibility. Sensitive mounting procedures are carried out in a dust free “clean room”. Our Nd-Yag laser welder makes the precise assemble of complex structures possible without damage to sensitive electronic components.


All submersible products are helium tested for leaks, and each of our products are fully tested for sensitivity, stability and linearity. Details from these tests are stored in our database, and each transducer is provided with a certificate of calibration. The technical specifications of each product are maintained so that repair, replacement and supplementation are possible for at least 10 years.


Our products can be found in many different applications including: nuclear power, offshore, automotive, food processing, chemical & pharmaceutical.

The primary goal is to provide our customers with the most reliable, durable, and up-to-date sensor products available today. We will continue to employ the latest manufacturing technology, components and materials in the further development of these products.

For jobs at HF Jensen: maritime-professionals.com/jobs-HFJensen/


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