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Herberg Systems is one of the leading maritime software providers for shipping companies. In 1998 it all started with their product Fleettracker, a fleet management tool for shipping. In the beginning, Fleettracker was one of the first maritime tracking solutions in the industry and evolved to a modular performance analysis and reporting tool. Encouraged by the success of Fleettracker we developed other Freiraum-creating products.

For example their new Charter.Works, a chartering management tool for chartering manager, which includes a distance calculator, voyage estimation and voyage management. Additionally, they offer ChartDesk, an e-mail client built for shipping companies. All solutions can be used as they are, or they can be integrated into your existing systems.

Think digital – Freiraum products for shipping and logistics

Why do Herberg Systems have such passion for maritime software and for making operative processes less complicated? And why do they want to create Freiraum with their solutions for cloud, software and system integration? They could write a novel explaining it – but as they stand for efficiency we will cut to the chase: since the founding in 1998 the heart of Herberg Systems is that of an engineer – the heart of Managing Director Jan Herberg. Also, the people behind Herberg Systems like to work efficiently and think, that life is too beautiful to waste it with unnecessary work.

Their passion is based on the knowledge that operative software solutions are freeing companies from the pressure of competition. Freeing them from offering more for less. To establish the right software – even for classic along the way processes – can move mountains, can send your thoughts on a journey of discovery and can set free the undreamed energy for the essential tasks, which will lead your company into a secure future. Their vehement reply to “We always did it like that” therefore is: Think Digital!

Read more: https://www.herberg-systems.com/home.html


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