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EMRI is following a multi-year investment plan, funded by their mother company Furuno. EMRI are doubling the number of employees and they are building a completely new maritime product portfolio designed for autonomous ships

EMRI has been developing intelligent steering systems for deep sea ships for 50 years. Their systems control everything from the largest cruise liners to the most exclusive mega-yachts. In 2020 they were bought by the Japanese company Furuno who has designated EMRI as their global competence center for maritime steering control systems. EMRI are a Danish company head quartered in the Copenhagen area. They also have a small R&D office in Aalborg.

EMRI are on a mission as part of the Furuno corporation to provide Steering Control for next-generation ships capable of making autonomous decisions in order to increase safety requirements, reduce CO2 emissions, and mitigate a global shortage of skilled ship crew.

Their extensive experience, close collaboration with partners and universities, and significant investments in new employees, as evidenced by their Career page, fuel this mission.

EMRI is committed to excellence in autopilots and steering control systems for maneuvering ships and has been this since its establishment in 1972.

Read More: www.emri.dk

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