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C.C.JENSEN A/S develops and manufactures CJC® Offline Oil Filtration solutions for removal of particles, water, acidity and varnish from hydraulic, lube and gear oils and diesel fuels. By doing this we prolong the oil lifetime as it is kept free of contaminants. At the same time we avoid additional equipment wear and failures. Hereby we solve actual challenges for our customers.


All production and development take place in Denmark, in which we take great pride. We have subsidiaries and close partnerships globally who ensure that customers around the world benefit from our oil filtration solutions. We are a total of 300 employees in Denmark and our 15 subsidiaries stretching from Chile to China.


We are the industry leaders in oil filtration technology and have special focus on the Marine, Wind, Power, Mining and Industry segments which provide a broad customer portfolio. We have developed our business area in recent years to not only ensuring clean oil but also monitoring and diagnosing our customers’ equipment through oil data analysis.


Besides being a family-owned company established in 1953 we are also highly driven by technology and sustainability. Since 2008 we have actively worked with reducing our environmental impact and have heavily reduced our emissions related to buildings, cars, energy, products, transport and more, making us close to CO2 neutral.

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