DSNAME’s Christmas special

DSNAME invites you to join their Christmas Special Event, marking the end of 2023. This year’s Christmas event features Hans Otto Holmegaard Kristensen as the speaker, taking guests on a captivating journey of interesting maritime anecdotes.


As the holiday season approaches, DSNAME (Danish Society for Naval Architects and Marine Engineering) is gearing up to conclude 2023 with a festive Christmas special.

Founded in 1900, DSNAME, formerly known as Dansk Selskab for Skibsteknik og Skibskonstruktion, stands as a relevant community in the maritime industry, fostering knowledge exchange and innovation among Danish naval architects and marine engineers. This association has evolved into a vibrant community, providing a crucial platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and technical discussions that drive the progress of these dynamic industries.

The Christmas Special, scheduled for December 4th, is the grand finale of DSNAME’s event calendar this year. This year’s Christmas Special features a distinguished speaker whose name is synonymous with dedication to the Danish maritime community.

Hans Otto Holmegaard Kristensen, affectionately known as “Hans Otto,” brings an impressive four-decade-long association with DSNAME organizing aprox. 450 meetings. In 2022, Hans Otto stepped down. Therefore, it was a natural step to ask him to be the speaker at this year’s Christmas Special, serving as a tribute to his remarkable journey.

Hans Otto brings a wealth of experience as a Naval Architect from DTU and has extensive experience within several areas gained through his various job functions at Force Technology, Dwinger Marineconsult, Scandlines, Danish Shipping, The Danish Navy, DTU and last but not least now within his own company HOK Marineconsult.

The Christmas Special will kick off at 17:00, and the event will include a background presentation to DSNAME’s honorary scholarship followed by the announcement of the scholarship recipient, and introduction to the project and the notable reasons for their nomination.

The highlight of the evening, scheduled for 17:20, is Hans Otto’s speech “A Lifelong Commitment to Ships” presented in Danish.

Join us as he takes the audience on a captivating journey through his extensive career, sharing insights and anecdotes offering a unique perspective on the maritime industry’s evolution.

We invite you to be part of this enriching experience. Your participation will not only honor the legacy of Hans Otto, but also contribute to the community DSNAME has cultivated over the years. Click the “Sign up” button to register for this online event.

  • Event Name: Christmas Special: Hans Otto – a lifelong commitment to ships
  • Date: December 4
  • Time: 5pm-19:30pm
  • Venue: IDA Conference
    Kalvebod Brygge 31-33
    1780 København V
    Room 101
  • Price: Free

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Article by Narjiss Ghajour, Global Event & Marketing Manager at MARPRO, shared by courtesy of MARPRO-Maritime Professionals

MARPRO and DSNAME became partners in October 2023.

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