Does your company want to be a Rising Star?

A call to all maritime start-up companies. Is your company less than 5 years old? Would you call your team for pioneers, forward-thinkers, and next-gen innovators? Does your product or service contribute to a smarter, cleaner, or safer maritime industry? Would you grab the opportunity of showing your products and services to a larger audience for a budget friendly participation fee? Then join us at EUROPORT 2021.


EUROPORT and MARPRO are collaborating to create a new concept which they are presenting during the upcoming exhibition in November. The new concept is dedicated to maritime start-up companies and will be named the Rising Stars Pavilion.

What is the Rising Stars Pavilion?

The Rising Stars Pavilion will be an area, where the stage is fully reserved for promising, forward-thinkers maritime start-ups and next-gen innovators, where they can demonstrate how they contribute to a smarter, cleaner or/safer maritime future.

Why is the Rising Stars Pavilion dedicated to start-ups?

One of the main themes of EUROPORT 2021 is “Embracing the new next generation”, inviting and daring forward-thinkers start-ups to join the conversation and share their vision on the road ahead of us. Moreover, EUROPORT’s Exhibition Manager Raymond Siliakus states “It aims to be a steppingstone for young entrepreneurs to kickstart their maritime career.”

The whole intention of the Rising Stars pavilion is to provide maritime start-ups a fair chance of displaying their products and services to a larger audience like EUROPORT, for a budget friendly participation fee.

The managing director of MARPRO states: “I started MARPRO back in 2013. As a small start-up, exhibiting at a major exhibition like EUROPORT was not an economically feasible option, which is kind of ironic, because especially for a start-up it is very important to showcase your products and services to a larger audience.”

Competition is still running

Since the news aired officially, maritime start-ups have been showing a great deal of interest to participate. The clock is ticking and only 12 fortunate companies will be able to come to EUROPORT as a Rising Star.

Are you interested in participating in EUROPORT 2021 in Rotterdam, where you can show your products to a larger relevant audience for a budget friendly fee? Then get aboard!

Concept: The Rising Stars Pavilion is developed as a competition concept and applications are open to all maritime start-up companies, not older than 5 years.

Applications: Are welcome from April 1st to May 31st. We only have 12 packages available. These applications will be carefully reviewed by a committee of selected maritime business experts and the chosen companies will be informed by June 5th, 2021 latest.

Evaluation criteria: Companies will be evaluated based on 4 criteria:

  • Growth potential
  • Innovation
  • Ambitions
  • Team

Package includes: Participation in the Start-up Pavilion with own exhibition stand and access to shared café and bar.

1 maritime promotion business package; consisting of:

Price for participation: 1.995 EUR

For more information, please contact MARPRO through

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