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DFDS joins e-methanol journey

DFDS joins a new e-methanol partnership with Liquid Wind, Stena Line and Gothenburg Port. A partnership to significantly increase the production of e-methanol.


“We are excited that customers, suppliers and competitors alike show commitment and collaborate to decarbonise our industry. With e-Methanol from this partnership, DFDS is adding a new e-fuel possibility to deliver on our promise to operate a green vessel latest by 2025,” says the CEO, Torben Carlsen.

Innovating for alternative fueling is the most efficient way to decarbonise our industry, with e-methanol being a promising first opportunity. With this partnership, we see the potential to transition our ferries in Gothenburg to e-methanol. This is a significant step forward in reducing our CO2 emissions. To innovate takes severe investments and cross-sector collaboration to succeed, and that’s why this partnership marks a milestone in our green transition journey.

Why e-methanol?

E-methanol is one of the future alternative fuels, and from a well-to-wake perspective, it contributes to substantial CO2-savings. E-methanol is right now the simplest fuel to manage and deal with as a ferry operator. And it’s the fuel that can be available fastest to us in the shipping industry. The technology is already mature, enabling us to act in the short-term.

More about the new partnership here:

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