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Denmark ranks as EU’s 3rd largest ferry nation

According to statistics from Eurostat, in 2021 Denmark saw a staggering 33.5 million passengers either departing from or arriving at Danish ports by ferry. This achievement propels Denmark to the third position among the busiest ferry nations within the European Union.


Despite Denmark’s modest population of 6 million people, the country has emerged as the third-largest ferry nation in the European Union, boasting a remarkable number of passengers.

During these weeks and months, numerous summer vacationers are en route to Denmark’s islands, spanning the country, or traveling to neighbouring nations via one or more ferries. Undoubtedly, Denmark’s status as a ferry-oriented nation is evident when reviewing the latest data from Eurostat, which has tabulated the number of passengers embarking or disembarking at ports within EU countries.

A total of 33.5 million passengers boarded or disembarked from ferries at Danish ports in 2021. This places Denmark as the third busiest ferry nation within the EU, only surpassed by Italy in the first position and Greece in the second. Denmark is represented in this statistic with three ports: Aarhus, Sjællands Odde, and Helsingør.

In 2021, the passenger numbers in EU ports experienced a substantial decline of 36% compared to 2019 figures. The first quarter of 2021, in particular, saw a significant decrease of 48% compared to the first quarter of 2020, primarily due to COVID-19 measures. However, the remaining three quarters of 2021 witnessed noteworthy increases compared to the same quarters in 2020.

In conclusion, Denmark’s impressive ranking as the EU’s third-largest ferry nation underscores its substantial role in maritime transportation and its ongoing efforts to address the challenges of the future.

Source: Danish Shipping

Article by Narjiss Ghajour, Event & Marketing Manager at MARPRO, shared by courtesy of MARPRO-Maritime Professionals

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