Damen patrolling Amsterdam

EST-Floattech delivers battery systems to 3 Damen Patrol Vessels 1304 Electric


Three new electric patrol boats were delivered to the City of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Police. Two additional patrol boats are under construction for which EST-Floattech will also deliver the battery packs.

Damen Shipyards Group handed over three new electric-powered patrol boats in a series to the city of Amsterdam. The Waterpieper and Waterhoen will sail under the name of the City of Amsterdam and are outfitted with a battery pack of 273kWh. These are full electric patrol boats. The hybrid P55 will be sailed by the Amsterdam Police and is fitted with a 136,5kWh battery pack.

The 1304 Damen design is 13,5 metres long and can reach a speed over ground with their 130kW electric motors of 8,6 knots. Sailing at average speed will allow full-day operations on a single charge of the batteries. The P55 also has a diesel generator to extend its range if needed.

“It was a tough puzzle to get 273kWh of batteries on board the 13,5 meter long patrol boat, but the flexible modular system of EST-Floattech enables this in a very space-efficient way”, says Koen Boerdijk of EST-Floattech.  The hulls for the vessels were built at Damen Shipyards Kozle in Poland and were shipped to Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld for outfitting and delivery.

We’re very happy with the cooperation we have with EST-Floattech. Therefore they will come onboard again on our newbuilds which will be delivered in 2023”, says Roel Foolen of Damen.

In 2023 Damen will delivery another two patrol boats of the 1304 full electric series and these will also be equipped with the Green Orca 1050 series of 273kWh each.

This article is shared by courtesy of EST-Floattech, which is specialized in developing, delivering and installing reliable, sustainable and safe battery systems for maritime and other applications. The in-house developed Battery Management System software is integrated to assure safe delivery and charging of power. Projects with vessels sailing over a decade with our batteries have demonstrated the feasibility and reliability of EST-Floattech battery technology.

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