Copenhagen a maritime hot spot

Copenhagen secures an impressive 4th place in the top-5 list of the world's most attractive maritime hotspots. An international study identifies Copenhagen to be among the top five maritime hotspots for the next five years, crediting its status to a long-standing Danish maritime tradition, a robust maritime value chain, and inherited maritime expertise, along with favorable conditions.


An international maritime recruitment agency, conducted a survey with 115 top executives in the shipping industry, asking about the cities they expect to be the top-5 maritime hotspots in the next five years. Copenhagen earns a notable 4th place in the rankings.

The media Børsen also covers this development in an article titled “Copenhagen Growing as a Hub for Shipping.” The newspaper interviews Ultrabulk’s CEO, Hans-Christian Olesen, who notes significant growth in their Copenhagen operations compared to other global offices. Olesen attributes this to favorable conditions and political stability surrounding their industry over various administrations.

“Copenhagen is attractive as a shipping hub primarily due to Denmark’s inherited know-how and a strong maritime value chain. Foreign shipping companies want access to skilled and well-educated Danish maritime professionals, whether they have a background at sea or are educated on land,” says Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of Danish Shipping.

“There are many exciting developments in Danish shipping companies. We have a long tradition of innovative maritime firms working on tomorrow’s green solutions. In Denmark, we have a clear green agenda, making it attractive for many skilled workers to be part of the maritime cluster in Copenhagen,” adds Anne H. Steffensen.

“Copenhagen is simply a wonderful city. Our capital is one of the most liveable cities globally. It’s safe and pleasant, with good schools, a well-functioning healthcare system, and an international airport connecting you anywhere in no time. These factors contribute to attracting shipping companies and talented maritime professionals to Copenhagen,” concludes Anne H. Steffensen.

The article from Børsen can be read here (requires a subscription and it’s in Danish): Copenhagen is growing as a hub for shipping (

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