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Coach Solutions adds new product to improve vessel performance

New functionality leverages Kongsberg Vessel Insight to improve the accuracy of hull and propeller fouling advisory service


Coach Solutions, a leading SaaS provider to the shipping industry, adds a new product offering, high-frequency Speed Percentage Analysis to its suite of vessel performance solutions, as one of the first initiatives due to the strategic investment from Kongsberg Digital.

By leveraging Coach owner Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight infrastructure, Coach can easily ingest high-frequency sensor data from clients’ vessels that can be used to understand when hull and propeller fouling is impacting performance.

The high-frequency data, combined with Coach Solutions’ Valid Data vessel reporting functionality, will result in higher levels of accuracy in hull and propeller fouling advisory as well as a shorter reaction time when identifying fouling.

The new service provides an interactive timeline with all relevant information to identify possible reasons for performance loss and the possibility of integrating shaft power and other relevant sensor data to increase the frequency of fouling analysis from the usual 24 hours and instead allow for real-time analysis.

The Kongsberg Vessel Insight platform collects all relevant performance data and contextualizes it for easy sharing with Coach Solutions, independent verifiers and other application providers. The high-frequency Speed Percentage Analysis service is available to all Coach customers with a subscription to its Valid Performance solution set.

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The new tool will fetch auto-logged data from Vessel Insight and combine it with noon report data from the same source of with Coach’s own validated noon report data. Based on any of these data sources the speed percentage will be calculated, enabling evaluation of the vessel’s current and historical performance.

“Through our strong ties to the tramp shipping segments, we have seen that many owners are only now looking into high-frequency data logging so there are some first encounters and adoption issues,” says Christian Råe Holm, Managing Director, Coach Solutions. “Using Kongsberg’s Vessel Insight provides a robust platform that integrates into the Coach system and makes this data easily available for analysis and action that can drive savings and avoid disputes.”

“Improving fuel performance is one of the key motivations for shipowners investing in digital infrastructure, and we are glad to be able to offer the combined strength of the Coach Valid portfolio and Vessel Insight into this space”. Says Anders Bryhni, VP of Maritime Products. “By integrating sensor data in this way we give clients a total offering that can grow with them as their ambitions in the digital realm grow. We believe this to be a powerful enabler for shipowners who want to stay competitive in a market where fuel performance becomes even more important.”

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Narjiss Ghajour

Editor-in-Chief of Maritime Professionals
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