About Søren Bøge Pedersen

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Gender Male

About me

Health and Safety Consultant with more than 20 years’ work experience in the maritime health and safety sector. I have a long and demonstrated history of consulting health and safety services for organizations. My special skills are working in the field with human behavior, accident investigations and safety culture aspects.

I have a low practical hands-on approach and I am very keen on how to create the best prerequisites, so that the people who to do the work, experience the greatest possible job satisfaction without getting hurt or injured. I transform difficult things easy, so people understand what the meaning is, why they should do something and what the effect is.

I always have my focus in understanding why and how people act on their own grounds, their resources and frameworks and the corporate culture that embraces them.

I’m also quite fond working with behavioral design which methods interest me a lot. To design small things in the environment, the processes design etc. so people would have the desired behavior.

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