About Ottmar Schulte

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Gender Male
  • Sub-sector BrokerCharteringLogisticsManagementShipping

About me

I am a Chartering Specialist and my favorites are

  • daily chartering of seagoing vessel for any size from coastal to Panamax
  • chartering of any type of cargo ships (bulk, breakbulk, offshore, heavy lift, passenger ferries and tankers
  • daily chartering of open cargoes
  • freight trader
  • demurrage / despatch / detention
  • preparing/creating a new Proforma Charter Party with all updated clauses for Voyage Charter Parties or Time Charter Parties (trip or period)
  • creating new Booking Notes for Bulk, Breakbulk or Heavy Lift
  • assisting in teaching trainees / students and prepare them for their examination etc.
    In this respect I am a Guest Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences for Logistic/Shipping/ Charterning
  • Examiner for Bachelor’s Thesis faculty “Logistic/Shipping (deep sea)”.

Last but not least I have further following Qualifications/Licenses :
– Krav Maga (Instructor IKMA)
– Fitness (Instructor EU B-License)
– Personaltrainer (EU Liscense)
– Karate – Shotokan Stylle (1st Dan – Black Belt)



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