About Nicholas Adema

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Gender Male
  • Sub-sector ShippingOperation & ShipmanagementLogisticsNauticalProject ManagementStowage PlanningEngineeringAdministrationDesignManagement

About me

I am a licensed USCG Master with senior sailing experience worldwide.  I have worked ashore in the shipbuilding industry as well as a Reservist on Active Duty with the US Transportation Command.  My strong suits are dedication to craft and skill as well prioritizing people in the execution of the task.  I am very much a people person and enjoy the diplomacy that goes into being a Merchant Mariner.  I am looking for a long term role in high hopes of blending work out at sea with work in the office.  I love going to sea, but I also love being impactful ashore.  I have high hopes to do both, and bring in all the knowledge and viewpoints to impact the business at hand for the longevity of the organization.

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