About Michael Beck

  • Academic Level Diploma
  • Gender Male
  • Sub-sector ManagementOperation & Shipmanagement

About me

My profile as a leader is developed over 20 years as Offshore Installations Manager on both Jack-Up and DP operated drilling units.

At present I fulfil the role as Assistant rig manager for a Major Drilling Company; a position in onshore operation department with budget, HSEQ & Marine operations responsibilities.

In addition, I hold the role as Project Manager, responsible for timely and agile mobilization of the offshore unit to countries of future operations.

I can highlight the below competencies:

  • 20 years solid, strategic experience in leadership positions, including: Personnel and development of team members.
  • Operations & Budget responsibility and understanding.
  • Experienced in adherence to the legislation under flag state, continental shelf & company procedures.
  • Experienced in relations pertained to delivering on strategy and values in the company.
  • A proven track record in analyzing required actions to progress any project, within the set deadlines.

I have proven ability to optimize and improve efficiency against set KPI’s.


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