About Gautam Suryavanshi

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Gender Male
  • Sub-sector BrokerCharteringOperation & ShipmanagementPorts & TerminalsShipping

About me

I  am an experienced Shipping, maritime and international trade practitioner with Post Graduation in Shipping Management and Export Import Certificate (EIC®) from the International Chamber of Commerce ICC. I am a Member of the The Institute of Export & International Trade UK and having eleven years of work experience with Tata Group (Tata Steel group and Tata Power group) in India and Dubai spanning the areas of Dry Bulk Shipping, Laytime and Demurrage analysis, Export, Import and Customs procedures, Liner Trade and Ocean Freight, Port & Terminal operations, Road and Rail logistics, Procurement management and Contract Administration, Process Improvements and Data Analysis.

Worked with Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd as Lead EXIM Management, managing their imports from China and South East Asian Countries through various shipping lines and also the export from India to USA and European countries. Also handled the Customs Clearance of import shipments at various Indian Seaports, Airports and ICD’s and its onward movement to final destination through road or rail.

Previously worked with Tata Steel group companies for around nine years in India and Dubai wherein I developed a good understanding of Port Operations, Cargo Handling, Laytime calculations, demurrage analysis, Shipping, Supply Chain Management, Inland Logistics (Rail and Road Transport), Procurement and Contracts Management, Customs clearance procedures, ITC HS classifications, Foreign Trade policies, International Trade, Data analysis, inventory and freight management.

Effectively handled internal communications and Power Point Presentations to senior leadership team with regards to core performance metrics, program updates and ongoing informational programs.


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