About Dmytro Yushko

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Gender Male
  • Sub-sector HSE, Security and QualityManagementMarine Insurance and P&INauticalOperation & ShipmanagementStowage Planning

About me

Experienced person with Summa Cum Laude Master degree. Over 10 years in Management on board out of 18 total years in marine industry have allowed to develop strong communication, interpersonal skills, stress resistance and problem solving, independence and loyalty. I am independent organized proactive person with strong analytical skills orientated to details with ability to plan and execute. I have strong educational and practical foundations in the maritime business and passionate to maritime industry including an understanding of Human factors, resources, statistics and Management principles.
Various operational conditions, such as maneuvering in open sea and congested waters, transit of canals, channels, areas of heightened security risk were practiced.
Work in Maritime college allows to muster experience in lecturing to large auditory, developing of various training and personal development programs, performing of assessments and performance evaluations based on objective criteria.


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