About Andrew LIM

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Gender Male
  • Sub-sector Sales & Marketing

About me

I am an aggressive sales hunter and have been working for 19 years in various oil and gas, petrochemical, marine, power generation industries involving technical sales, I have gain precious experience in both engineering knowledge, sales and marketing knowledge. In summary within oil and gas I have experience selling up stream downhole tools & topside equipment, in marine, I have work in a ship yard, sell propulsion systems, ship automation, navigation and communication equipment. These two industries are somehow interrelated, so I have rich resources of contacts and network to help me succeed. Being a regional sales manager, I gain network with various countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines. China, I can gain access to all client easily with the right product they required. So, I am someone that can value add an organization and expedite success for company plan. In short, I know and who to approached if I need to sell some new product.


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