Blue Denmark creates high growth

The latest report about employment and production by Blue Denmark shows that the Danish maritime sector continues to generate high profits for the Danish economy.


The maritime sector accounts for just over 25 per cent. of the total Danish exports of goods and services. Despite a challenging year in 2020, where the corona pandemic has affected the Danish economy, the maritime sector has continued to make a significant contribution to the Danish economy with a total export in 2020 of DKK 281 billion. DKK.

Shipping alone accounted for DKK 213 billion. DKK in 2020. This is shown by the latest report on production and employment by Blue Denmark.

Strong maritime nation

The report shows that despite the corona pandemic, the maritime sector remains an important sector for the Danish economy as well as a sector that is strong in the global market because:

  • For every employee in the maritime sector, twice as much income is generated from production than in other Danish industries.
  • In 2020 the sector employed more than 102,000 people. This represents to 3.5 percent of the total employment in Denmark.
  • The maritime production in 2020 was of 407 billion. DKK, which constitutes 10 percent of the total Danish production. Value creation in the form of income created by production in 2020 was of 113 billion. DKK or 5.6 percent of the total economy.

More than 20 per cent. of employment in the Danish maritime sector is concentrated on the larger cities of Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Esbjerg, while the remaining part of employment is spread over many of the country’s municipalities. Maritime employment is particularly high in e.g., Sønderborg, Viborg, Frederikshavn and Aalborg municipality. It can be concluded that the sector is strongly represented throughout Denmark.

Blue Denmark
Source: COWI based on data from Statistics Denmark (dark color = more employees)


This article is shared by courtesy of the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) – – which is a part of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. DMA ensures a strong framework for a competitive maritime cluster and promote safety and health on clean seas.


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