After work with the seafarers

At sea, the workdays can be long and demanding. And even when they’re over, crew members are still far from home.


What do they do at these times to relax and recharge their batteries? We asked seafarers on five of our ships to tell us…

Beloso Andei Sabordino, Officer of the Watch, “Frankfurt Express”

I started boxing on board in my spare time. I really enjoy using several different fighting tactics to contend with the bouncing punching bag. It’s my own kind of workout routine, and it helps me to relax at the end of the day.

Christoph Gerhard Müller, Technical Officer’s Assistant, “Chicago Express”

After several hours of hard work in the engine room, I sometimes just want to drink a cold beer and watch movies. But I also often go swimming in the pool, or we play water polo. At home, I sometimes go to the “Övelgönne” museum port in Hamburg and shovel coal into the huge boilers of the “Stettin”, a steamship built in 1933. This helps me learn more about the early days of shipping.

Georhell Amon Juanillo, Electrical Technical Officer, “Chicago Express”

In the evenings, I keep in touch with my family, relax or have fun with my colleagues. That’s easy to do by playing foosball, when everyone is really enthusiastic. Otherwise, my great passion is music, which I play to recharge my batteries for the next day. I’ve taught myself how to play several instruments, and I like to pass on my knowledge to the other crew members or to help them find the instrument that’s right for them.

Sarah Maria Zimmerer, Officer of the Watch, “Santos Express”

After working for eight to 14 hours, you usually don’t have a lot of free time. So I enjoy it all the more when I can retreat to a quiet place with a book. Ultimately, we are on call virtually around the clock, which naturally limits our time off. And even though we are a super team, it’s different than being with friends and family.

Dascalita Radu Dan Alexandru, Chief Officer, “Frankfurt Express”

For amateur photographers like me, working on board is a big plus. There are so many unique phenomena that you don’t get to see on land. Out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no light pollution, the colours of the galaxy are so vivid. In the pitch black, you can see the Milky Way dividing the sky and being reflected on the water. Seeing that fills me with great joy.

Victor Galas, Chief Cook, “Vienna Express”

Long voyages can be very monotonous. So I’m always very happy when the routine is interrupted by a shore leave, such as when we were in New York. It was a cool city – and a welcome change for us. The most demanding times for us cooks are Christmas and New Year’s. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen at those times preparing holiday delicacies for the crew.

Leo Ray Mark Vanguardia Tatad, Engineer Officer of the Watch, “Chicago Express” (r.)

Working at sea is like a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes everything goes smoothly, but sometimes the seas are rough. For me, it helps to relax in the evening in the television room, for example, or to play a table tennis match to revive my spirits. Later on, I usually try to reach my family.


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