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Bawat has signed the first agreement with a customer in the Bitumen Carrier segment


Bawat has signed the first agreement with a customer in the Bitumen Carrier segment. This, once again, shows that the Bawat ballast water treatment technology suits most vessel segments and types.

With a Bawat ballast water management system (BWMS) you get a solution you can trust. One that offers proven technology that you can rely on – in all conditions – with market leading OPEX.

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The system is easy to install and simple to operate. It is built from off the shelf components, with no chemicals, no filters and no UV. It is the only BWMS based on pasteurization and is both IMO and US Coast Guard approved.

Bawat BWMS is based on unique patented technology. The heart of the Bawat system is the pasteurizing unit. The combination of temperature and retention time ensures efficient elimination of all living organisms.

Bawat’s revolutionary one pass solution works for all water types and temperatures, anywhere in the world, ensuring complete D2 compliance.

With Bawat BWMS service and maintenance is simplified. The combination of well known standard marine components with a simple system means that the crew is already familiar with the components. No costly or time-consuming procedures are necessary, troubleshooting and all maintenance can be carried out by on-board personnel.

See current jobs at Bawat

Bawat has succeded in the development of an entirely new approach to ballast water management that is simple, flexible, cost-effective and sustainable. This led to the founding of the company back in 2011.

Since then, BAWAT has received final approval for its listing on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market (“First North”).

Bawat has been experiencing growth and is therefore hiring more colleagues in sales. See the current open positions:

If you are not sure what a Bawat ballast water management system is or if your vessel type suits the Bawat ballast water management system, then please read more on or enquire directly on and they will get back to you!


Narjiss Ghajour

Editor-in-Chief of Maritime Professionals

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