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A maritime partnership for industry advancement

In the field of naval architecture and marine engineering, the Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (DSNAME) has announced its cooperation with the Danish maritime recruitment company, the MARPRO Group. In this article, we will explore the identity of DSNAME, its historical background, and the reasons why MARPRO's collaboration with DSNAME is a game-changer.


DSNAME: Anchoring knowledge and innovation

DSNAME, formerly known as Dansk Selskab for Skibsteknik og Skibskonstruktion (in Danish), is an esteemed association in the maritime industry. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1900, DSNAME has consistently fostered knowledge exchange and innovation for Danish naval architects and marine engineers.

DSNAME has transformed into a vibrant community for naval architecture and marine engineering professionals. It offers an ideal platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and technical discussions, serving as a catalyst for the progress of these industries.

Why synergy between MARPRO and DSNAME?

DSNAME has recently announced its collaboration with the MARPRO Group. This partnership highlights a significant strategic alignment of objectives and values between DSNAME and MARPRO in the maritime field in general, but especially in the field of naval architecture and marine engineering.

MARPRO’s Managing Director, Jakob le Fevre, states: “I have personally been in the industry for 35 years and have always had the perception that Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering was a serious organisation, organising events of high quality and I have attended numerous events in the past.”

He also adds: “We believe that a non-profit organisation like Danish Society for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, is very important for our local maritime cluster, to share insights and knowledge, stimulate networking and discuss the various challenges ahead, to stay competitive.”

Both MARPRO and DSNAME acknowledge that sharing knowledge is crucial for advancement. By combining their efforts, they actively contribute to spreading up-to-date insights, technological advancements, and industry best practices in the Danish maritime industry.

One of the major issues to spread is sustainability. Both organizations share a deep commitment to driving sustainable solutions for the decarbonization of the sector.

Chairman of DSNAME, Henrik O. Madsen adds: “We are in the middle of a climate crisis. And we, as actors in the maritime industry, cannot just stand passive and see one climate related disaster after another just happen before our eyes.”

Henrik continues: “We must innovate. We must share knowledge. We must cooperate. We must act. This is all what DSNAME is about. And I am thrilled that our cooperation with MARPRO will allow us to reach and involve an even bigger audience in this important change for our industry.”

Denmark possesses a strong maritime industry with abundant knowledge and creative solutions. MARPRO’s extensive global network makes it the perfect platform for highlighting the accomplishments and capabilities of the Danish maritime sector worldwide. This partnership guarantees that Danish maritime excellence receives some global acknowledgment.

DSNAME is well-known for organizing high-quality maritime events that are crucial for professionals in the industry. MARPRO will play a vital role in attracting global interest to these gatherings, guaranteeing that the valuable insights and knowledge shared reach a worldwide audience.

Networking is paramount in the maritime world, and MARPRO and DSNAME understand its significance. By working together, they create opportunities to connect with influential figures in the maritime sector, forging relationships that foster innovation and mutual growth.

As both organisations continue to collaborate, we can look forward to a series of must-attend events that you won’t want to miss. Explore their upcoming events here:

This article is shared by courtesy of the MARPRO Group.

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