4 award-winning Rising Stars


In a dazzling ceremony at the Rising Stars Pavilion, a collaborative effort between Marpro and Europort, the maritime industry witnessed the recognition of four outstanding startups making waves in innovation.

GT Green Technologies Clinches the Green Award for Maritime Sustainability

The Green Award found a deserving recipient in GT Green Technologies, a beacon of innovation in wind propulsion. Their tailored turn-key engineering solutions for the maritime industry promise to significantly reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for both retrofit and newbuild vessels. GT Green Technologies emerges as a game-changer, exemplifying a commitment to a greener, more sustainable maritime future.

Rovigos Takes Home the Technology Award for Logistics 4.0 Excellence

Hailing from South Korea, Rovigos secured the Technology Award for its dedicated pursuit of smart logistics solutions in the era of Logistics 4.0. With a sharp focus on optimizing performance and enhancing productivity, Rovigos’ team utilizes data from diverse sources to craft bespoke AI solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs. Their win highlights the global nature of innovation and the pivotal role technology plays in shaping the future of maritime logistics.

Seagull Surveillance Wins the Strongest Market Potential Award

Seagull Surveillance, a Dutch company, clinched the Strongest Market Potential Award for its revolutionary application that identifies ships and captures crucial data such as speed and direction. This innovative solution provides a comprehensive and clear picture of the current maritime situation, emphasizing the importance of real-time information for safety and efficiency on the water.

GBMS Secures Rising Star of 2023 Award: A Beacon of Maritime Safety

The Rising Star of 2023 Award went to the Dutch company GBMS, recognizing their outstanding contribution to maritime safety. GBMS specializes in a SaaS warning system, monitoring loads in container stacks to ensure safe shipping and reduce container loss. Their success is underscored by significant financing obtained since the last Europort edition in 2021 and endorsements from prominent ship owners. GBMS is set to install their warning system on a 15,000 TEU capacity container ship early next year, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

As part of the recognition, GBMS will have the opportunity to allocate a generous 10,000€ marketing budget in HANSA International Maritime Journal, further solidifying their status as a rising star in the maritime industry.

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