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2021 year in review. 2021 was a stormy year for the maritime industry, from the negative impacts of the pandemic on the seafarers and the global supply chain to the digital transformation of maritime technology.

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10. Clubhouse – just another app ? Why could the maritime industry benefit from it ?


Clubhouse is an app which can be installed on iPhones only at this moment. The app is an social media app where people can come together in audio-only (virtual) rooms. Everybody can join rooms or create rooms on their own. Guest blog by Marco Wetzel explained how the maritime industry could benefit from Clubhouse.

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9. The untold side of being a seafarer

Tineke Zoet, the owner of Buoyancy Coaching, explains about the benefits of investing in a healthy work culture through life coaching. Through her own experience as a seafarer, she creates awareness on the untold side of being a seafarer.

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8. Danish Frigate stops pirates

Danish frigateThe frigate Esbern Snare, which has been sent to the Gulf of Guinea to help secure the sea routes stopped pirates. On Wednesday, November 24, the crew of the frigate Esbern Snare responded to reports of an increased risk of piracy in the waters south of Nigeria. The ship set in that direction and sent the ship’s Seahawk helicopter in advance to observe.

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7. Last chance to become a Rising Star

Europort and MARPRO collaborated to create a new concept dedicated to maritime start-ups, The Rising Stars Pavilion. MARPRO found the 12 Rising Stars who will be attending the Rising Stars Pavilion, but after a popular demand to expand, we decided together with Europort to expand the pavilion to 18 Rising Stars.

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6. 10 biggest shipping companies in the world

At least 11 billion tons of goods are transported by sea every year, which means an average of about 1.5 tons per person worldwide, based on the current world population. In this article, Marine Digital lists the 10 largest shipping companies in the world.

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5. Trapped for 4 years and counting

When the general cargo ship the MV Aman (IMO 9215517) was detained at the Suez anchorage in Egypt in July 2017, chief officer Mohammad Aisha had only been on board for two months. He was still on board April 2021, though the intervening four years have been cruel to both Aisha and his ship.

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4. The tale of the Mumsel

Mumsel are small creatures who live on board of ships, they are legends among sailors. Whenever something  inexplicable happens, when things disappear, when things break down without a clear reason, the Mumsel did it. Read the story.

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3. 25 fun facts about containers and container ships

Shipping containers, and the ships that carry them, are some of the most overlooked yet essential parts of the modern economy. They are the lifeblood of physical industry and trade. Here are 25 things you should know about containers and container ships – who knew they were so interesting!

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2. Ever Given: The whole story

Following the conclusion of a formal agreement between the EVER GIVEN’s owners and the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), the ship and her crew have departed The Great Bitter Lake in the Suez Canal. The EVER GIVEN will now proceed to Port Said, Egypt where a dive survey of the ship will be completed.

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1. What happened to the missing Indonesian submarine?

Image by Indonesian Navy.

The intensive search of the missing KRI Nanggala submarine began, only to be discovered days after at a depth of at least 850 meters (2,800 feet) in the Bali Sea. No survivors, 53 crew members dead and a sunken submarine in three pieces.

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